A List of What Everyone Should Know by Age 17

Bianca is really good at languages.  I'd like to be able to take full credit for the greatness that is her guest blog post below, but doing so would be a fraudulent act.  When I met her a couple of years ago, she was already fluent in English--so much so that at times I'd forget I was talking to an English language learner.  Hanging out with her is a treat because it feels like just chatting with an opinionated young woman with a good head on her shoulders...in fact, that's exactly what it is.  I can say that with such a high competency in English, I mostly focus on vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, and fluency with Bianca.  We read articles and books, and discuss our thoughts about tons of topics every week.

Last week I showed her an article I'd run across on the Huffington Post entitled: "Life Skills...The Things Everyone Should Know by Age 40." Here's the link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/04/life-skills-ivanka-trump-thich-nhat-hanh_n_2341108.html

In honor of Bianca's 17th birthday, I asked her to compile a list of things everyone should know by age 17.  What she came up with is hilarious, and I can only lament that like many other 17 year-olds would do, she waited until the last minute to start the assignment and didn't expand much on her second and third points on the list.  Maybe we'll make it into a mini-post series...

It reads:

Things Everyone Should Master by Age 17

1. How to Fake the Flu
There are many ways to do that and everyone should know them all for those days when you just want to stay home.  The first one consists of putting some toothpaste on your lips for 10 minutes and, during this time, you have to take deep breaths.  Half an hour later you'll have the flu and it'll last 3/4 hours.  Another way is to eat a raw potato; it is certainly more disgusting than the first one, but it works better.  Another trick I know about but I've never tried is to chew and eat some tobacco; I know it works because my cousin tried it last year but my aunt found out about it and sent him to school.  If you don't want to actually get the flu, but don't want to go to school or work, you can always put the thermometer under a lamp for a few seconds.  This works only if your parents blindly trust you, like mine do.  The last trick I've heard about consists of taking lots of showers, one freezing and one boiling and so on, but i don't know if it actually works.

2. What to say and how to behave with your friends' parents. (It's important to know how to avoid awkward situations).

3. How to choose what to wear at parties.

Honestly, this is the best thing I've read all day.  All Day.

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