Sundays with Schoolhouse Moms Interview 4: Giulia LaRosa

I met Giulia a couple of months back through a friend.  "She's just moved back to Rome from Miami," our mutual mate told me.  "Wow," I thought, "wonder how she's adjusting to such a big change."  I'm happy I got the chance to ask her that and many other questions.  Enjoy the interview below!

Name: Giulia La Rosa

Occupation: In the works...I quit my job in November to move to Italy. Up until then I was the Regional Manager in charge of the distribution of a major brand (Dior) in the Americas, South and Caribbean. I have been in the luxury industry for over 10 years, and I am looking now to join the same industry here in Rome.

You've just recently relocated back to Rome from's the adjustment going? What are the easiest and most difficult things to adjust to? 

Oufffff...the adjustment is tough...Although I was born and raised in Rome, I left when I was 21 and I have lived in the US most of my adult life; the differences are huge! Culturally, there is no doubt that I identify myself more with the Italian culture in general, the history, the habits, the ways...So for that, I am happy to be back. I am happy that my children will know the same things I have known while growing up. However, when it comes to my every-day-life, I sometimes just want to scream from the top of my lungs, "What is wrong with you people....why do you have to make everything so complicated...???" I am thinking that we, Italians, deserve an award for how to turn easy into naturally I am constantly comparing the lifestyles, and here in Rome I have lost much of the quality of life I enjoyed in Miami. Also, the economical situation is not the greatest right now, and the US competitive salaries and conditions are unheard of here.
I find that this situation also affects the mood of most people, changing the beauty of this country...the thing I remembered most was the friendliness and always ready-laugh that I don't see much of anymore....People are changing their ways to adapt to the situation, and it created a sort of bad mood all that also goes into my everyday analysis of my life here...

What brought you back, and do you want to stay? 
Personal reasons that are not very joyful. To say it quickly, I separated and made the choice to keep my children next to their father. So I am here for the long haul I believe, unless I suddenly feel the urge to jump out of the window...then I 'll know it's time to go back..

In your honest opinion, which is the better place to raise a family, America or Italy?  
This is a very difficult question, which I am not sure I have an answer to. Let's see...for everything related to opportunities, quality of life and creative development the US without a doubt. For everything related to cultural values and everything that goes with that, including social intelligence given by the amazing history we share, Italy for sure...

How many languages do you speak?
I speak 4. Italian, English, French and Spanish. All fluently. But there isn't much merit in that; it's just what happens when you live in different places. I lived in France for three years, graduated high-school there and in Miami, well...the first language is actually Spanish!
Wow!  Lucky you for having authentic experiences in all of those languages!

Tell me about your family background and structure:
I have two children aged 3 and 14 months. They were born in Miami. My family has always been super keen on traveling and experiencing life abroad, learning languages etc...I will surely pass this on to my kids. I think it's very important,

How do you all approach language in your home? 
I try to speak to them in English, but it's not always easy. In Miami given that they would have learned English and Spanish just by being there, we would speak Italian to them to make sure they learned it. Now that we are here it's difficult to break the habit...but I have to force myself to do that!

Which language are the kids more dominant in and why? 
Italian for sure. Both the daddy and myself are Italian. My daughter, who's 3, understands English and Spanish well.

How do you think languages are best learned? How did you learn the languages you speak? 
Like I said before, I simply learned them by living in the places the languages are spoken. That's for sure the best way for adults...But when it comes to kids, we all know they are sponges and I think the best way for them is to be exposed to different languages even if they only live in one place.

Which English Schoolhouse course option are you choosing for the fall and why? 
Ideally, I would love to have my daughter in the Italian school in the mornings and then attend the English Schoolhouse in the afternoons. I think we are very lucky to have this option!

Now the fun stuff...
What magazines do you read regularly?
I don't. Only when I am at the hairdresser...

Are you on Pinterest?
Nope...sorry...I will check it out... :)

Favorite go-to website when you have a bit of time to kill? 
Oh my, I am an internet shopaholic...especially children's clothing. I can never find anything I like in stores for them, so I google a lot. I am absolutely addicted to Pottery Barn Kids and Janie and Jack... Also, I read articles, blogs, anything interesting that comes my way...

What are your top 3 favorite restaurants in the city? 
Haven't been here that long to actually have three, but for now the Antica Enoteca, (Via della Croce) has to be it. It's very pretty inside and you eat well for a reasonable price.

What's your favorite place to take your kids to? 
Villa Borghese. I love to be outside whenever possible. The Villa is gorgeous, green and there is always something interesting to see.
You're not the first schoolhouse mom to say Villa Borghese!  It's pretty popular!

What's their favorite place to go? 
The park. Any park! As long as they can climb, run, interact. I love it too, because the spend their energy there and are exhausted when they get home! :)

What kind of mascara do you use? Your eyelashes are always fabulous. 
Wow thanks! Well...I use two : Diorshow Maximizer and Diorshow Blackout. The first is to be worn before your usual mascara, it lengthens the lashes. The second is a very intense black mascara paired with a wonderful brush. 
This is pertinent info because soon I will have to choose a new mascara brand...I've used Lancome Definicils since forever, but recently found out they've discontinued the line!  The horror!  I'll have to check out the two you mentioned.

In your opinion, what's Rome's best kept secret? 
Ohh Rome is many things to see. To me personally it would have to be the number of theaters, shows that one has access to on a weekly basis ( I missed that very much in Miami). Also, the fact that it's close to the beach, the mountains, the lake, and everything you may feel like running to to get away from the city on the weekends.

If you have a little bit of time to yourself, how do you normally spend it? 
Well lately, doing things in my new much to do still!!! Normally I either read, browse the web, or chat with friends.

What's your favorite app? "What's Up"...I don't know how we could live without it...
Favorite children's book? The little Prince.

What was the last book you read and how would you rate it? 
I wish it weren't the last book I read, so that I could mention some other book here one, but unfortunately it was actually "50 Shades of Grey" ( all three books)...I absolutely hated them...I was waiting for them to get to the point, but they really never did that for me. I bought the trilogy online so I read them all, because I hate living books half way...I really do not recommend this book, I think the "dialogues" are poor and although the story is somewhat original, I wonder how it got the success it did. It really is beyond me...
Funny you should mention that series...I haven't read the books myself, but I don't know how many women I've seen over the last few months reading one of the three books on the metro...tons.  When I notice what they're reading I can't help but think, "Ma'am, shouldn't you be reading that in the privacy of your own home?!" :0)

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