How Three and Four-Year-Olds Do Laundry

This morning a few of my oldest son's friends came over to hang out.  They all doodled, some growled at each other, they sang songs, and we wrote the date on our famous chalkboard calendar wall.  Until last night I'd planned on reading them a story about spring and then doing a craft related to the season, but around 11 pm I ran across a book that hadn't been cracked open for quite some time: The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash by Trinka Hakes Noble.  I read through the story and chuckled at the absurdity on almost every page, then I had an idea.  "We should hang out some laundry," I thought.

I borrowed some kitchen string from my husband, who is the go-to person for all things culinary in the house.

Early this morning I asked him to quickly draw some clothing items for us to wash:
The kids listened as I read the story aloud (well, some listened) and then they were invited to pick an item of clothing to color and decorate.  We named each clothing item together:
a stinky pair of socks

a smelly t-shirt

a less than fresh pair of pants and a jacket

a rank, retro top

I pulled out some detergent from the kitchen, and we pretended to scrub and wash the laundry clean.

When we were finished washing the laundry, we hung it out to dry.

freshly laundered skirt



sunshine helps everything dry quickly

shirt and pants

Once snacks were had and a few games were played, it was time for our guests to leave.
And their laundry was ready to take with them.

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