Whistle (or Dance) While You Work - My Sunday Playlist

Earlier in the day I tweeted the following:
"If God is in the details, then He's all up and through The English Schoolhouse."
(shameless plug: @engschoolhouse)

I've spent most of the day doing incredibly detailed work: slapping our logo stickers on each and every children's book I own.  That way, they're more likely to get returned when kids check them out from our schoolhouse library this summer and fall.  I also labeled two bagfuls of dvds.

Some types of work need background music--labeling is one of them.  I hit the "Relaaaaaax" playlist button on my Ipad, and worked away. Here are some songs that got me through the monotony:

To anyone with a view of The English Schoolhouse on the 6th floor (I'm mostly concerned about those on the OTHER side of the Colombo) who saw a small brown figure dancing around...it was me.  I was working.  And brushing up on my 80s choreography.

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