Our eldest son is into pirates.  He's into pirates to the point that at times he is completely convinced that he is a pirate.
So when his b-day rolled around this year, we wanted to do something special for the cake.
Having interviewed schoolhouse mom Letizia a few weeks back, we new she was the person to go to for a lactose-free, yummy, celebratory concoction.  A few days before his party I emailed her a pic of an idea with one special request: "Can you make it kinda look like him?  You know, like cappuccino?" This is what awaited us when we picked up the cake:
It was a huge hit, and our Noah was delighted.
Thank you, Letizia! What beautiful work you do!

If you're interested in a cake like this or have something else in mind for an upcoming occasion, contact Letizia directly.  Her info can be found on this previous blog post:

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