T is for Tooth--A Great Read for the Kid Who Has Loose Teeth

If you've got a kid who looks like this, or you know one, this is the post for you...

When our eldest son's friends came over to hang out recently, we started out having a good old time with Play-Doh-

We did the calendar:
Learned a new song that they loved (if you grew up attending an English-speaking Kindergarten, chances are you did, too): The Wheels on the Bus--
We sang a few more songs, and then we read a new story.  It's one of my favorites-Andrew's Loose Tooth by Robert Munsch.
In the story, Andrew is really at wit's end trying to get out a stubborn loose tooth.  His mom can't get it out, his dad can't get it out, the dentist can't get it out, and even the tooth fairy is unable to extract it.  *spoiler alert* In the end, his best friend Louis figures out what might do the trick:
black pepper
It's an adorable read that the kids could identify with--one of our son's best friends has lost not one, but two teeth.  She beamed during the entire read aloud.

As we read, we acted out the story using some very simple props. (Oh, the convenience of having lessons at your home! Note: English To-Go):

After the story we talked a bit about the letter "T", and practiced writing it for awhile:

The kids had their snack, then together we made necklaces to help them connect the story to the new letter we'd reviewed:

We'll see if they remember the letter next week.

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