The Design Inspiration for Letter A

The other day when our eldest son's friends came over to hang out, we were reviewing what letters they know (it's a group of 3 year-olds mostly, except for our son who just turned 4 and his friend who has been four for quite some time).  I handed them some chalk and each one of them drew a letter.  Bianca was first, and she drew the letter "A" saying, "My mom has this letter." Matilde was next, and she drew the letter "O". Our son along with his friend both drew an "A" and an "O" as well.

Don't know why these pics sometime post sideways--but tilt your head to the left and have some imagination! :0)
I really meant it as an introductory activity into a book about letters, so I didn't want the chalkboard activity to drag on too long.  I began collecting the chalk.  When I tried to take it from Matilde, she refused to give it up.  "I want to draw the house like Bianca."  I smiled and thought to myself, "Never really looked at it that way before."  She's exactly right...the design inspiration for capital letter A was CLEARLY a house.

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