A New Book, Vintage Posters, and my New Favorite Song...

Don't you love it when the universe is in alignment and the background music in the store you just walked into is EVERYTHING you'd ever dreamed of and hoped for AND you find just what you're looking for PLUS something you weren't?  That's what happened yesterday afternoon when I strolled into Arte5 looking for a gift for our eldest son's friend's birthday party.

I walked in on the beginning of what was to become and now is my favorite song in the whole wide world.  As I perused the shelves and let my American show (note: bopping head to music and occasionally swaying side to side), I looked around and noticed I wasn't the only one.  People were grooving in the store just like I was.  The important lesson for business owners here is the following: Good music puts people in the mood to buy.  I wasn't leaving that store empty handed because the song willed me not only to stay, but to walk away with a memory!  Nobody wants to hear Michael BublĂ©...not even an elevator.  Get good music in your establishments, folks...and if you don't know good music, get a cute hipster guy to work for you and put him in charge.  He can be the cashier/store dj.

Anyway, this is what I snagged...and I'm darn happy with my purchases.

the perfect gift for a 3 year-old cutie who loves dresses

vintage-y gift wrap paper that will be an alphabet chart in room 1.

and room 2 at The English Schoolhouse
A sincere thank you to the hipster guy/store dj at Arte5 who let me know about (slang: put me on to) Daft Punk and formally introduced me to my new favorite song.
Press play.

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