Froggy Goes to The English Schoolhouse

So as you may already know our Back to School Kickoff Week is 100% underway and we're fully booked.

It is my humble opinion that trade books (children's literature) should be an integral part of any school's curriculum. The English Schoolhouse is no exception. Yesterday I began our lesson on all things school related with a great book--Froggy Goes to School.
I'd recommend all of the books in the Froggy series...he's a relatable character and the vocabulary and play on words is enjoyable and helpful for learners of all backgrounds.

After we read the story, an idea for an activity popped into my head.
We used paper plates

and some green paint

while I divided up a couple of sheets of paper

and cut out frog eyes
and colored the inside of the plates either pink or red...

I grabbed some glue and our stash of googly eyes

...a bit more painting

some glue here and there...

and here you have some of the best frogs you've ever seen.

 We re-read the story and used them as puppets.
Let us know if you make some!

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