In the game of allergy tests, nobody's a winner.

We've spent all morning and most of the afternoon at the Bambini Gesu (Jesus' babies) hospital here in Rome. Finally got our eldest son's allergy tests done.
Feels like, and I am typing out of stress and workin' off of 4.5 hours of sleep (as always) so bear with me, awaiting the results of an STD test after questionable symptoms have manifested.
You know something's amiss...but just how bad is it?
And is this not going to be the longest two weeks ever? Two weeks! Our youngest could grow new teeth between now and then.

I wasn't there for the actual allergy test administration, which included (from what I'm told) a series of catastrophically entertaining and heartbreaking events...was on baby #2 duty. Good news is that based on the skin test alone, it's possible that our eldest dodged the deadliest allergy I have.

Bad news, the milk allergy is bad. Like for real. Like terrible. Like carry around an Epipen just in case there's a cookie laced with milk floatin' around and he decides to get adventurous.

I came home and started looking up homeschooling. And veganism. And cakes...with and without milk.

Thinking about supporting him 'til he outgrows it, whenever that may be. I mean, if you can't do ice cream that sucks...but it sucks a little less if your mom doesn't do it either.

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