Where to next on our magic carpet? Off to the Sweet Shores of Africa!

 I don't know if you've ever had the pleasure of visiting one or more countries in Africa. I have. I've been to Morocco, Ghana, and Egypt. Can't pick a favorite. Love them all for so many different reasons, and feel fortunate to be able to (hopefully) pass that love for a place that is so deserving of it to my students.

So if you keep up with the schoolhouse blog, you know we've had a few adventures this week. We made and have dutifully used the most magical of carpets...
looks good, eh?
We went to Spain and America yesterday, but student request.
Today before reading time, I told the kids they'd be joining me on an adventure in my favorite continent...
I actually started the project with them yesterday...

I found some great decoupage paper in my stash w/ animals you can find in some African countries

cut them out this morning
selected and read aloud an appropriate book with gorgeous illustrations
I even love the end pages

One of the reasons I love teaching children is because unless taught or instructed to be inhibited, they ALWAYS react based on instinct.

"Dance!" Leo exclaimed jumping to his feet, and the rest followed suit.

We switched up and slowed down the tempo again and again...and it was great to watch the kids react. They grabbed their stools, flipped them over, and drummed along to Babatunde's beat on this one.

We watched another vid with tambourines and talked about rhythm and music and what an important role both play in the African culture.

Then we made our own.
dried from yesterday

I'd like to be able to say we jammed along to an African beat...that was the plan. But two things happened--a dad came to pick up two kids early, and then we I'd decided I'd just send them home, I realized that the regular glue I'd used to seal the two plates just isn't gonna cut it. Tomorrow I'm breaking out the glue gun, and we'll be dancing to the beat of our own drums.

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