It's Raining, It's Pouring...The Old Man is Snoring

You know the feeling when you come up with an idea that's so stinkin' cute you really can't even stand yourself?
That was me yesterday.

So October is in full swing and the rainy weather is here. Before heading over the schoolhouse yesterday, I'd been singing the popular kids' song about the old snoring man with our son Noah--

So we eventually made our way to the schoolhouse in the afternoon to have a playgroup with Paolo and Giulio, and we sang the song again. Then I got the idea. "Hey!" I gasped, "we should make the old man in the bed!"

So we did.
I grabbed our materials

my gun

my ammo

paper bags

First we rolled up the socks and made the pillows

"E la coperta?!" Paolo asked.
"Yes, you're right...we need a blanket!"

We thought and thought...and ultimately decided napkins would work well.
We folded them back, cut out a pic I found of an old man snoring...
decorated our pillows and blankets

wrote down some new vocab

Nailed it.
Too bad we were outta time.
Here's what I'd like to do to extend the lesson...
I like the idea of "Songs and Stories in a Bag". This project cleans up quite nicely because the old man can just be folded up and placed inside!
I would love to put the lyrics of the song inside for repetitive practice.
Pictures could be used for the younger ones for retelling.
The lyrics could be cut up individually and put in order.
The possibilities are endless!

Let me know if and how you use this idea, alright?

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