A Book in a Bag--The Emperor's New Clothes

A couple of days ago I headed over to The Milk Bar with my eldest son to check out some books that Wendy Bathgate, a representative for Usbourne Books in Rome, had on display. I swiped the first book that caught my eye immediately, That's Not My Santa...I'm a sucker for touchy-feely books, but more on that in a later post. I also found a classic that used to be one of my favorites when I was a kid, The Emperor's New Clothes.

As an adult I can now see so clearly that the clothes are a metaphor for just about anything. Designer duds pops up in my mind the strongest.

Anyway, that same afternoon I had a private lesson with Rebecca. By character, she's a reserved, demure girl. Her sister, who I also give private lessons to, is the opposite. I love and appreciate them both.

So Rebecca and I read the book...
and discussed it once we were finished reading. The illustrations had Rebecca rolling on the floor, particularly this page-

Then we moved along to the craft-
A few months ago I had this cool idea of using regular old brown bags as story telling/retelling props.
I call the idea "Book in a Bag".
So you use the bag as the setting of the story and decorate it on either side accordingly...

a view from inside the Emperor's palace

and a view of the royal procession
We made copies of a few pages of the book that featured the main characters of the story, and cut and paste to make character stick puppets...

the Emperor's old clothes

and we acted out the story a bit

and this, ladies and gents, is what homework for young kids SHOULD look like.

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