Frida Kahlo at The Schoolhouse

So if you've been to The English Schoolhouse you know I've got a thing for all things Frida Kahlo. The art center alone is heavily influenced by her work...a box here, a framed photo there...
Well you can imagine my heart's joy when I was hanging out at Francesca's house last Friday just after her private lesson and she casually showed me an oven mitt she'd purchased from her friend who's based in Venice and is an illustrator/artist.

She has a thing for Woody Allen
and Groucho Marx
"He also did Frida Kahlo..." she began. "I wanna see it!" I shrieked.

So up my alley. I bought 2.

Couldn't get home fast enough to unwrap this beauty and hang it up on display in our kitchen...
but then I thought of a better place for it.

I spy with my little eye...
the best dramatic play center in Rome.

Check out the artist's website
His name is Marco Gavagnin, and I think these oven mitts make great holiday gifts.

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