The English Schoolhouse Café

Here's a little known fact--before deciding to open up The English Schoolhouse Flaviano and I flirted with the idea of opening a cupcake shop in Terni, Italy. Random, I know. But I really do think that besides teaching, there are two other jobs that would suit me perfectly--owning a bakery, and being a hairstylist. (I have absolutely no talent when it comes to doing hair, and I'm allergic to most shampoos, but how fun would it be to just chat people up all day about everything under the sun and transform them from blah to BAM in an hour or two?!) The cupcake shop didn't pan out, but who knows what the future holds? For now the part of me that would like something like that lives vicariously through my homegirls in Helsinki, Finland, Sharron and Brenda--they're an unstoppable and cool pair of sisters who own The Brooklyn Café and The Brklyn Bakery there. Stop in to see them and taste their yummy treats the next time you're in Finland.

So last week another unstoppably cool pair of sisters, Francesca and Elisa, came to hang out with me at the schoolhouse. One of their favorite things to do is play restaurant. I was delighted while observing them to see that, for the first time, Francesca was writing out the menu in English, with some spelling support from me, of course.

Elisa whipped up the dishes

Francesca wrote out the menu

and I put it all on our vocabulary chart
Regardless of the language, the food's great at The English Schoolhouse Café.

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