Once I hit the publish button for each of my books there's this feeling of, "Ah, this one is my favorite."

If I really had to pick a pet out of all of them I'd probably say The Ghanaian Goldilocks, just because of the story behind it and how it came about. It's such a trippy, Alice in Wonderland-y, this could not just be random luck kind of backstory. But today and for at least the rest of the weekend my favorite is M is for Mohawk: An Alphabet Book of Fresh Hairstyles.

My illustrator is just a genius. There's no beating around the bush as far as that's concerned. He breathes such life into these ideas of mine, and I'm so grateful for him...as well as the ideas.

So a bit about what inspired this abc book...
I grew up in a small town called Killeen, Texas. Most people are surprised by that fact when they first meet me, but I really am a small town southern girl through and through that happens to belong in a big city...any big city. Even though Killeen in small, it's located right next door to the largest Army base in America, Fort Hood. Having the military so close by provides Killeen with this gorgeous multicultural base of inhabitants. It's been that way for years. I grew up with a sincere awareness of and appreciation for culture and differences.

I first had the idea to write an alphabet book about hairstyles and how they've evolved over the decades a couple of months ago. I really wanted to have  a range from two to four hairstyles on each page. My illustrator wasn't havin' it, and lobbied to narrow down the hairstyles to one per page for uniformity. He was right, and employed his signature design technique to create what I believe extends beyond an alphabet book into pure art. There's so much to be learned from and discussed in these pages. Just take a look...

I love what he communicated through his illustrations.
I love the diversity.
I adore the uniformity.

And, well, it's just dope.

I mean, dang.
Even the back cover is fresh to death.

I invite you to be one of the first to order M is for Mohawk on amazon. I really do believe it's a book worth having...and sharing.

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