The Little Reader - A Pocketful of Happy

I love it when I fall into some good stuff

So a couple of weeks back my friend Christine introduced me to the owner of this little bookshop cafe, as she described it, called The Little Reader. We exchanged a few emails and I told her I'd pop in when I got the chance to so I could show her my books, as she expressed interest in carrying them.
Today I got the chance to do so.

The Little Reader is located on Via Conte Verde #66B, right off of Piazza Vittorio Emmanuele.

I walked in and was greeted by Caroline, the owner

and her beautiful baby daughter.

What struck me first was what glorious light is inside the space...

not to mention a WONDERFUL selection of children's literature both in English and Italian.

What with the snacks and the books, I got a bit nostalgic for what The English Schoolhouse used to be...a boutique language school where moms would kick back and sip tea while their kids enjoyed beautiful lessons. Aaaaaaaah, those were the days.

Quality children's literature is one of my passions. I think that's why writing books for kids comes so naturally to me now. I absolutely LOVE books for kids. Love them.

my purchases for the day...
I don't feel like bothering with flipping the pic around.
I'm lazy.
I'm real lazy today.

Anyhoo, The Little Reader also has a fab outdoor space...

I also love the creative process just as much as I do the product.
She's only been in the space since May, so imagine how gorgeous this is gonna be once she's had time
to get situated.

and comfy seating

and did I mention the snacks???

I had a cookie and an Italian coffee. Both were great.

How did I not know that a place that envelops So MuCh of what I'm into was just a metro ride away?!

I love what The Little Reader is doing! So much so that I've accepted Caroline's invite to get in on the action. On April 18th at 4 pm I'll be facilitating a workshop for kids ages 2-8 based on my abc book F is for Fufu! The session lasts one hour, and signed copies of the book will be for sale. 

Caroline and I also have some other partnerships planned in the future, but you'll have to stay tuned for those!

In the meantime, do drop in on her lovely spot and enjoy the serene, sweet environment she's created...even if it's just for a coffee and a chat.
*clears throat and lowers voice*
Bet 'cha won't leave without a book though...

still too lazy to flip the pic. Sue me.

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