How to find an Illustrator...take the road you never do!

So almost every day I go to the same bar and get either a soy cappuccino or an American coffee and a cornetto. I sit down and make my to-do list that I never look at again for the rest of the day, and then I walk home.

Today I followed the urge to explore a street I never really do, Via Margutta, and was delighted by what I found.

a new friend, Adriana

So the serendipitous thing is that her art gallery wasn't even open. I saw her standing outside and just asked "Posso?" (May I?) and she said "It's not open right now, but sure..."

I walked in and on the right found some interesting pieces...

"Do you like them?" she asked.
"Yes, I do," I replied. "Who's the artist?"

She explained that she'd always been interested in fashion and design but never went to school for it, so the gallery was her way of expressing her artistic and creative interests. I couldn't believe she was the artist, and asked for a pic, of course...

Her sketches reminded me of a book I have in mind about a mom who is a wedding coordinator/wedding dress designer. This book will be principally illustrated by Phil, who I've worked with on several books now, but requires some authentic sketches. "Maybe this is why you took the long way home..." my sub conscience/intuition gently spoke to me.

Adriana is lovely and easy to talk to. We eased into a conversation that began with tales of Rome and traveling and trailed into lost loves and disappointments. After I shared that while I love cultures and appreciate each and every one, I don't think in retrospect I'd considered the importance of cultural differences when marrying the first go around. She nodded, and shared that a boyfriend had once broken up with her because he felt that her housekeeping skills weren't up to par for what he needed in a life partner. "Ironed shirts are like business cards," he told her, "I can't go around with a crease in my shirt like this."

That **** blew my mind.
"Awwwww hell nawwww!" I wanted to scream.
But I don't know her like that...yet.
So I shook my head and remarked, "Incredibile!" or something like that, in Italian.

On the opposite wall of Adriana's sketches you'll find a collection of drawings that she told me were found at her family's home. They are originals of the artist Arnaldo Foresti (1891-1986). Her family is now selling them; they are gorgeous.

The fact sheet on his work starts like this:
Arnaldo Foresti was born in Rome on the 17th of September 1891 to a noble family, the Palatini Counts of Brescia.

Uh huh.
Me likey.

Take a look for yourself...

So an hour and kisses and hugs later I found myself with plans to meet for a coffee with a new friend in the near future and to work on this new book, which clearly would like to be written after the two I'm working on right now. At least, that's what the universe says.

I was telling Adriana that she's an artist, so she's already an illustrator by default.

Here's her contact info if anything in this post attracts you...

And one last thing, she does commissioned work!
A couple came in while I was chatting with Adriana to get a framed piece of an engaged couple they were going to take to a wedding as a gift this upcoming week.
It was gorgeous.

Days like this I'm married to Italy and never leaving.


  1. Sweet Tamara, I can say only thank you, thank you for your words, thank you for the time you shared with me, thank you to be so sensitive and interested in my job. Our meeting has really changed my perspectives both on friendship than work planning.. Something makes me think to the "Guardian Angels" we spoke about.. ;)

  2. Adriana it was such a gift meeting you and I can't wait to hang out and dream and plan and have all the fun soon! Hugs and buona domenica cara! xo