Bikes are Art at Fox Gallery

See the problem is...
every time I'm walking down Corso Vittorio Emanuele, I feel like the universe is all like this...

pointing in the direction of my favorite store in Rome, Fox Gallery.

It's an issue for me, truly. 'Cause I'm trying to work with a budget, y'all. But Fox keeps all the good trinkets and what-nots and journals and fun things that make my soul happy, so I just follow the signs, and usually end up there twice a week, spending money on egg holders and wrapping paper and new notebooks.

But THIS time (which was yesterday) I couldn't even make my way all the way inside before I was snappin' pics for this blog.


The pictures do them no justice. They are hand painted, from Cicli Art Lab.

I swooned over them both, particularly the white one, with Saskia the owner.

Do I NEED a bike that retails for 2500 euros? No. I don't.

But am I willing to put my pennies and centessimi aside to save up for one? I absolutely am.
The white one has my name on it. I can just see it hanging on my wall, as what it

I'd take it out for a spin or two ever so often as well.

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