Tallulah the Tooth Fairy, illustrated by Federico Fabiani

The face you make when you're the Beyonce of the teeth industry, you lunch with the likes of Santa's second wife Charlene & Prince is your first cousin on your momma's side...

meet Tallulah, the Tooth Fairy CEO
image by Federico Fabiani

So of the many books that changed my entire life and perspective on all things, I'd say The Alchemist is pretty high on the list.

Nothing besides You are a Badass

and my momma have made me believe more in the power of asking, believing and receiving. (I've given out so many copies of Jen Sincero's book I could damn near be a rep for her).

The image above of Tallulah the Tooth Fairy is proof that if you move in the direction of what you really want, do your part (in this case that included writing the story and sharing a bit of it), ask for what you need, and then remain open to receiving just that in the form that the universe deems best, the thrills that await are just mind-boggling and glorious.

So I was so excited about this story that it became my new favorite thing. And while blogging I wrote something like, "Lord Jesus! I just can't wait! Somebody come illustrate this thing!"

And then boom.
Federico Fabiani, an amazing graphic designer and artist who designed the first website for The English Schoolhouse when it operated as just a language school, slid this beauty in my inbox with a simple "Hello."

I fell in love with it.
And so did a bunch of my Facebook friends.
A few have already put in requests for prints.

Faith =

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