K is for Kahlo - a new abc book is on the way!

I think my affinity for remixing the alphabet comes from many years of teaching the abc's to Kindergarteners as an early childhood teacher. I used to love hearing my five and six-year-old students' alternative ideas to A is for Apple and B is for Ball.

I've got 3.5 kids of my own now. Noah, age 8, Milo, age 5, Zen who'll turn a year old on the 11th of July, and this new baby who's set to come in November. The Italian Kindergarten Milo attends isn't quite as academically attentive as what I'd hoped it would be, so I do a lot of supplementing at home. Now that it's summertime, we're really gonna be hitting the alphabet hard.

I really like using the abc's as a tool to introduce kids to different concepts within a familiar framework. I've done cities around the world in M is for Marrakech:

And hairstyles in M is for Mohawk (with a distinct message about diversity as well)

And dance moves around the globe in B is for Breakdancing:

Art has become an increasingly important staple in my life in recent years. 
What better way to introduce kids to notable artists from around the world than through the alphabet?

So K is absolutely for my favorite Frida--

And here's a sneak peek and the first few letters:

And in case you're wondering what genius artist is behind the illustrations--
H is for Howell Edwards Creative.

I think I'll have this beauty published by next month.

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