How to use Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO in a School Lesson - As Told to Tamara by Master Teacher Mrs. Linda Williams

So loooooooong before I ever even thought about writing and publishing children's books, I was a Kindergarten teacher in Dallas ISD. For many years I taught at Kramer Elementary, which is truly one of the best schools in the world, I believe. There are a few teachers who have been at Kramer since it opened decades ago, and Linda Echols-Williams is one of them. I was first hired to teach at the school by a Principal who has since retired name Kyle Richardson. Working under Mr. Richardson was THE BEST because as long as you did your job, he left you alone...which is exactly what good teachers wanna be...left alone. So my first year teaching at Kramer I was hired to teach Kindergarten, then the class wasn't big enough so around October I was moved to first grade, and the following year Mr. Richardson moved me back down to Kinder, at my request. At the time, Mrs. Williams was the team lead, and I'd bet money she probably is right now too. The introduction Mr. Richardson made went like this, "Tamara, this is Linda. She's the team lead. Just do everything she does and you'll be fine." And I did. Teaching at Kramer under Linda Williams was pivotal for me both personally and professionally. I had never seen a teacher approach lesson planning, classroom environment, student wellbeing and growth, and professional development with such dedication and spunk. Linda's classroom was like freaking Disney World compared to mine. She was always open to sharing--knowledge, skills, materials--some things had to be returned...many were for keeps. If I could describe Linda's teaching in a word, it would be 'excellent.' She always brought her A game, and because she did, I wanted to do the same. We team-taught dual language together for a few years and OMG we had a ball. That really is what teaching should be--for both educators and students--FUN! I do miss Kramer, and teaching Kindergarten--not enough to go back, but a lot! Ha! So I was thrilled when I received this email from Linda just a couple of days ago, detailing how she used Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO in a lesson with her Kindergartners. Ah, I wish I could have been there!
I love that she had the children use "I will.." for there future plans. So good. Thank you, Linda Lou, for your friendship and patterns over the years. You've always been incredible and a true mentor in my life. Love you. If you're a teacher and you happen to use Tallulah or any one of my books in a lesson plan, tag or email me! I love to see and share!

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