It's Almost Tallulah Time!

I dreamed of yesterday coming for a long, long time.
After a run to my son Zen's school (which is, by the way, one of the most loving, caring, beautiful educational environments I've ever stepped foot in, and if you've got a kid from age birth to 6 and live in Rome you should DEFINITELY send them to Little Star), I came home to find a package from FedEx. After being pleasantly surprised that a piece of mail actually arrived to me in a timely manner without incident (this is Roma), I opened it and immediately burst into tears, wild laughter, and a series of 90s hip hop dances.

Ah y'all. Here she is. Fresh off a flight from NYC and still lookin' flawless.
An advance copy of Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO.
Complete with a note from my editor Joy at FSG/MacMillan.
I'm grateful to the entire MacMillan team for all of their work & for sending her across the pond into my loving hands.

She feels so official in hardback, homies.
I just, I can only quote Kanye at a time like this.
"This is way too much. I need a moment."

So I did the only thing fitting for a celebration of a CEO boss lady like Lula's arrival (Lula is what her close friends and my children call her.) I took her to cocktail hour at the chic eatery La Buvette. I asked our server to get inspired by the gorgeous cover and make a signature cocktail that would henceforth be named, "The Tallulah."
Here's what he came up with.
Isn't it a beauty? Just like Tallulah...

He chose champagne because obviously this tooth fairy loves all things luxe
A splash of grapefruit juice
And some berry business

 It was delicious. And I was tipsy.

Tallulah and Mrs. Claus should definitely try one next time they go to aperitivo at The North Pole Bar & Lounge.

A day later I'm still so giddy about it all. I've been taking her everywhere.
There are some notable differences between my self published version and what's being rereleased by FSG.
I mean, check out the names on the book bind! And the tooth detail! Squeeeeeeeee!

And the back cover is so dope.

There's a book jacket.
A book jacket, friends!
And for the very first time there's my photo on the back flap.

I self published Tallulah in 2016.
Now, not even three full years later, it's on its way into more hands and hearts in a major way, and has been optioned to be made into a film produced by John Sacchi and Gabrielle Union.

When you have a good idea, act on it.
Trust yourself, believe in yourself.
The universe loves and supports you.

For the next couple of months or so you can get your own limited edition copy of Tallulah the Tooth Fairy CEO at Art prints by the illustrator Federico Fabiani are also available there.
The hardback version updated and rereleased by FSG/MacMillan will be available everywhere books are sold on July 30.

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