A Pharaoh, A Princess, and a Pop Quiz

Rebecca is into Passover.  She's into Passover like I'm into snacks.  

When she came over today she brought a book along with her to read aloud to me on the subject.  First we knocked out her spelling test.  

The next thing we normally do is her communication journal, but I'd forgotten to write to her the last time we got together.  "How is that possible?" I asked to no one in particular.  "I don't know where my head is!" I continued.  She shrugged and responded, "Let's hope you don't forget today."

We went over her homework--you remember, right?  It was to finish the pancake story that we weren't able to complete last week:

We noted the misspelled words and those were assigned as spelling words for next week's test.

After we'd checked off all the pertinent things on our agenda we moved along to what she was most excited to do: the read aloud--

I listened carefully and took notes while she read.  "What are you writing down?" she asked.  "Oh, you know, just notes...in case there's a pop quiz after this," I replied.  "There will be!" she exclaimed.

She read the book and developed questions for my pop quiz:

I noticed a few spelling errors, so naturally I attempted to correct the mistakes after she'd read me the questions.

"You're supposed to be taking a test, not correcting!" she announced.  I put my correcting pen down and picked up a color with less authority.

I didn't do too shabby on my pop quiz, either!

Then we were ready to make a craft.  Rebecca said she wanted to make Pharaoh's daughter, the princess, and she asked me if I would make a servant in the Pharaoh's palace.  I agreed and we both got to work:

 I had an idea for the servant's fan.  I grabbed a chopstick out of a kitchen drawer and pulled out a feather from one of our couch pillows:

A little bit of tape here and some decoration there...

and the servant's fan was made!
Here's how Rebecca's princess turned out...pretty darn great, I'd say.

The servant ended up looking like this:
I like the guy.

And Rebecca even had time to squeeze in a puppet of Miriam:

With a couple minutes left to spare we marveled at our creations and made a quick agenda for next week:

First thing on the to-do list next week: a poem authored by Rebecca entitled "My Teacher Has Gone Crazy."

I can't wait.

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