The ABCs of Nonna's House

This past week our oldest son spent a week in Spoleto at his Nonna's (grandmother's) house.  We had to practically drag him back to Rome, and you'll understand why as you scroll down.  Marzia, whom I often refer to as Marzia Stewart, is not only the sweetest suocerella (mezza suocera/mezza sorella), she's wildly talented.  It has annoyed me to no end for as long as I can remember that all of her great ideas, for the most part, stay within the walls of her home.  "Your whole house should be in a magazine," I often tell her.

As our son acted out infinite characters from story books and worked in his "laboratory" making necklaces and robots and all kinds of other trinkets on Sunday, the thought came to me to do an ABC post of all the fabulous things that should be seen in her home.  Marzia does any and everything crafty--from interior design to crochet to making lamps to hand-painted glasses to making her own dishwashing liquid--if you see something you like, email her: [email protected]  I hope you enjoy reading the post as much as we did taking pics for it and putting it together as a family.

A is for...

and artichokes
B is for

buttons in the laboratory

and branches carved into handles

C is for
countertop--handpainted by Marzia
(inside of the little basket lies the compost)

and a collection of corkscrews mounted on the wall

D is for
drawers made out of wine cases

and decoupage

E is for

F is for

G is for
our son's goldfish named Dorothy
H is for
herbs and veggies picked from her garden

looks like just a wine box, right?

nope!  hidden honey!
I is for
il Biologico--where we buy our organic food in Spoleto
J is for
jam--homemade, of course

K is for

L is for
lamps she makes

M is for

N is for

nook--perfect for reading

O is for

P is for
potted plant

Q is for

questions...lots of them our son asked.  My favorite: "Why do I have a belly button?"

R is for
refrigerator--decoupaged as well
yes, that is a sculpted lizard on the handle

S is for

and snow globes she collects

and these perfect, perfect shoes she makes by hand

T is for
two snails we found on our freshly picked salad

U is for
unbelievable organization

V is for
very adorable--like these booties she made for our youngest son

and views

W is for
walking the plank

and wall decoration

X is for

xylophone or x-ray, like always--Marzia has neither in her house.  :0)

Y is for

Z is for

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