Hip Hop Grammar Lessons - Learnings from Macklemore

I love hip hop.
I do.
Sue me.
I'm from Texas, I'm a child of the 80s, and I love hip hop.

Last week I was watching cartoons with my oldest kid when a catchy tune caught my ear--I paid attention to the words and gawked at the fact there was foul language in the song, and that the song was being used as the background music for a  commercial shown for what's supposed to be children's programming.  After lamenting and posting on facebook about how there's just no good censorship in ads and blah blah blah, I googled the song...and downloaded it.  Why, you ask?  'Cause it jams. (Translation: it's a great song.)

On Monday I hung out with one of my favorite 17 year-olds.  I told her the story about the foul language I'd heard during cartoon commercials.  She did exactly what I'd done--she searched for the song...and loved it.

On Thursday we hung out again.  After talking about school, volleyball, manners, and more, I whipped out a sheet of paper I knew she'd be thrilled about--I'd looked for and found the clean version of the song on the internet, printed a copy of the lyrics, and brought it with me for us to dissect and discuss.  I mean really, who says you can't learn grammar from hip hop?! (Somewhere my mom is shaking her head in disapproval.)

Check out the chart below to see what we learned from the first verse:

You see?!  That's useful info!  That's a grammatical come up!

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