Oldies but Goodies

It is the truth when I say that one of the most exciting reasons for opening The English Schoolhouse for my husband is transferring my collection of children's books from our house to Largo Luigi Antonelli 2.  "Sono troppi!" he often laments, "who reads all of these?"  I do.  And my kids do.  And if your kids come to the schoolhouse, they will too.

After three trips of filling my trolley to the brim with great children's lit and lugging it over to the schoolhouse, I finally got what he's been saying:
It's a lot.
Keep in mind there are still hundreds to take over.

"I need to organize," I told myself out loud.  So I started sorting...
Eric Carle
James Marshall (my favorite author of all time)

And I ran into a few of my favorite books of all time...as well as a couple of oldies but goodies I'd almost forgotten:
I must have read this book a hundred times in second grade, and checked it out from the library just as many.
I adore this book and its ability to present the genius of Frida Kahlo in a sweet, simple, and visually stimulating way
I remember reading this book over and over and over again in our living room as a kid
Then I ran into a book that had been misplaced.  It'd also been loved and used quite a bit judging from the worn cover and pages:

I opened it up to the first page
and found my six year-old handwriting.
It's the only book featured in this post that won't be at The English Schoolhouse...some things are just meant to be hand-me-downs.

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