Places To Go, People To See, Things To Do: The Ultimate Guide for Seeing New York for Roman Teenagers!

This post was contributed by schoolhouse teen and high school student, Gaia.  She wrote about her family's recent trip to NYC and shared it with our blog...

New York is exciting for all ages but I think there’s an extra thrill in visiting this amazing city with a teen old enough to know they’re in one of the world’s great cities. For teenagers all over the world it’s like a dream comes true. The Big Apple could be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Everywhere you can see its magnificence by looking at its skyline: the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center, walking on 5th Avenue, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and walking around Times Square.

Going to NYC means not only going to the greatest city in the world, it especially means going to the SHOPPING CAPITAL. With so many possibilities, you can buy everything you want, anywhere you want, at any price! But there’s just one problem: where to begin. There’s one place where you must go first, where the greatness of the city will really hit you; it’s a place where you can feel like a real star, like one of the Gossip Girl actresses. This place is 5th AVENUE… the UPPER EAST SIDE!!!!  Walking on 5th , you can see CENTRAL PARK on your left : all the squirrels around you, the ice rink where Kate Beckinsale met John Cusack in the movie Serendipity or the lake that Sarah Jessica Parker fell into on Sex & the city. You can also be very cultured  by going to the MOMA , the GUGGENHEIM, or to the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM where each year there’s the famous party... the MET GALA!!!  On your right, you will see all the amazing shop windows, where the articles shown call you to buy them! High heels by Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik, long and elegant dresses by Prada, Louis Vuitton or Fendi.. amazing bags by Marc Jacobs and Micheal Kors. You can the big Apple store's huge apple in front of the Plaza Hotel, where Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway married in Bride Wars--not to mention the huge stuffed animals at FAO- Swartz shop, and the enormous variety of candy in Dylan's Candy Bar with the big chocolate fountain where you can dip warm marshmallows. You gain weight just looking at it.
While we  are on the subject, another important district is SOHO because of its variety and originality. There are no more high skyscrapers but little buildings with red bricks and fire escapes outside!! Here there are so many shops like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Uniqlo, American Eagle and Victoria’s Secret 8 with its amazing super push-up bras that give to each girl the possibility to be a little more feminine!!!
Switching the subject to food in NYC you can try  an enormous variety of restaurants, from Chinese to Italian and from typical American fast food to the Ritz, one of the most expensive restaurants in the whole city. There are so many place where you can go but there’s only one where you must go: DEAN & DELUCA!! This is a concept store on Broadway street in Soho. It’s full of different food: amazing cakes, cupcakes, different kinds of chocolate and all kinds of sandwiches; here you must taste the lobster salad.. eating it is like being in heaven; it’s delicious!!
To complete your trip to the BIG APPLE... go around NYC looking at its amazing views by limo and listening to music while drinking a cocktail!!!!!!!!!!!!

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