A Thumbprint is a Spider is Antonella

When I went to 3 year-old Sofia's house earlier in the week for her English To-Go lesson, her mom waved me into their living room.  "I told you she's creative," she began, and pointed to a chair that Sofia had morphed into a personified character:
She added hair, a skirt, and taped on the eyes, nose and mouth.
I raved over her creativity, then we did our own thing:
I brought over a great book for stimulating seeing things and creating in a different way.

We stamped our thumbprints onto the paper, and I showed her how you can make a man or a bird just by adding a few lines here and a few curves there...

or a spider...

She got it immediately.  She grabbed her crayon and (while looking at the drawing from the opposite side)
added a triangle for a dress, two arms, and a hat.

"Who's that?" I asked.  "Antonella!" she responded without missing a beat.  I wrote down what she said and smiled in amazement.

After that we sang some of our favorite songs, and I pulled out the book we'd be working with for the day:

I remember over my many years of teaching Kindergarten in the states,
this book was a favorite of many classes.  I think because of the voices you can play around with while reading aloud.

In the story, the Mama Duck coaxes her five little, reluctant ducklings to paddle on the water in the pond with her.

We worked together to make a pond and recreated some of the story.  Her favorite part to say was, "Splish! Splash! Sploosh! Splosh!"

We had five more minutes left in the lesson.  I had something else planned, but Sofia was over it.  She pulled out a mat that was under her bed and built a barracade, then she hid behind it.  

I knocked on the outside of the mat and asked if this was the bakery.  She popped up and nodded yes.  I ordered three cupcakes, and she nodded and prepared them.

She handed me a block, "Mirtillo, Fragola, & Chocolate," she said.

I took the blue one and pretended to taste. "Mmmmmmmmmm...." I began, "Blueberry is my favorite."

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