The English Schoolhouse Recipes: My Famous Potato and Leek Soup

Cook like an Italian, Speak Like an American...
that's the goal, yeah?
That's why you're here.  Either that or you just like our pics...whatever the case may be, I'm happy you're reading this, because I'm about to share a great recipe with you.  It's one of my favorites.

If you've ever been over to my house for lunch or dinner and I was in charge of the cooking (which is a rare event), I probably fed you this.  Whereas my husband bases the meals he plans and cooks on the weather (Bah!), I think soup is a food that can and should be eaten year-round.  "Ma fa troppo caldo per la zuppa!" he laments when I start grabbing the ingredients to make my potato soup in July.  "Nonsense!" I scoff.  "It's never a bad time for potato soup!"  And seeing as how summer has seemingly been permanently delayed (at least in Rome), there's no better time for you to whip up a pot of your very own. Enjoy!
**Note: For the purposes of this post I used green onions instead of leeks.  The soup is tastier if you use leeks, but onions are a great substitute, and the method is the same regardless!

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