Jazz Up Your Mother's Day Breakfast or Brunch with THIS...

Flavi, if you're reading this (which I'm certain you are not), what I would really like for Mother's Day is the following: a warm homemade cornetto with strawberry jam, a piping hot cappuccino made with rice milk poured in my favorite mug, the latest issue of Vogue magazine with Beyonce on the cover (I'm too cheap to pay the ridiculous price at the magazine stands here in Rome for American mags), and a cloth napkin--all of these can be placed nicely on a tray and brought to me in bed with this as decoration on the side:
a lovely apple swan
One of the things I love most about eating in Italy is the attention to detail and presentation.  If you are invited to an Italian's home for lunch or dinner, you can expect that they've gone to great lengths to ensure your comfort and enjoyment--it feels like their goal is to spoil you for the afternoon or evening...and to fatten you up!

Yesterday while hanging out with the craftiest teenager in Rome I know, Margherita, (you remember her other guest blog post a couple of months back?  The mod-podge paper weight?) she showed me how to add pizzazz to any table setting with the newest thing she's taught herself to do: make a swan out of an apple.  She agreed to write the directions for how to make such a beautiful creation for the schoolhouse blog.  Enjoy her post!  Thanks, Marghe!


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