What's That? You Still Haven't Gotten Your Mother's Day Card?

You procrastinator, you!
Good thing you read this blog!

So this morning our eldest son's friends came over to hang out.  First they played every game possible under the sun with Play-Doh:

Then we got down to business...Mother's Day.
We're a pretty modern family.  That's my nice way of saying that light-weight holidays aren't a big deal in our household.  Yesterday my husband casually asked, "Is Sunday Mother's Day?"  I sighed.  Guess he didn't read the last blog post.  No breakfast and bed and Beyonce interviews for me.  I digress.  I make up for what we don't do in our family with my kid's friends.

Every mom I know at least wants a little recognition on Mother's Day--nothing fancy or anything.  Just a lovely card and maybe some flowers...some chocolate perhaps and lunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant, a new dress and a new car to match...you know, the essentials.

The kids were game when I told them we'd be making some surprises for their moms.  Before they showed up, I'd sent Flavi to the store for some packets of seeds:

"What in the world do you need seeds for?" he inquired.  I told him, and his honest reaction was one word.  "Cheesy."  I peered at him for some time, then said, "Watch and learn..."

The first thing the kids and I did was start on baking a cake to share with their moms when they came to pick them up:

We couldn't decide between adding blueberries or strawberries, so we added both

Next we worked on our cards.  I printed out pics of each of the kids and stuck it on the front of the card with the message, "Happy Mother's Day!"

 The message "Thanks for helping me to grow!" was on the inside with a head and arms that resembled each kid's mom.

The cake was ready just in time for the mom's arrival.  The kids were so excited, and they screamed, "Happy Mother's Day" when the moms came in.

We ate cake and chatted a bit, and each mom read their card.  I noticed that one mom in particular became a bit teary-eyed while reading.  That's the thing...moms like cheesy, especially on Mother's Day.

Go on, get yourself a packet of seeds and make the card!

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