The English Schoolhouse Recipes: Veggie Pasta

Cook like an Italian, Speak like an American...
Veggie Pasta--let's do this thing.

Boil the pasta water--add a spoonful of salt to it

Cover the bottom surface of a pan in olive oil

Grab 3 cloves of garlic

and whatever veggies you want--for this dish I used mushrooms,  a zucchini, and some asparagus

Chop it all up

Turn on the stove and add garlic to olive oil--let simmer

When the garlic is golden, throw in the veggies

Get out some "passata", or tomato sauce as we call it

Let veggies simmer a bit more--they should be smelling fantastic at this point--careful not to burn them!

Pour in the desired amount of tomato sauce

Add a bit of water and let simmer

Grab a bag of your preferred type of pasta--I like things that are curly, so Fusilli is what I chose.

Throw pasta into boiling water & follow cooking directions.

Drain water from pasta and add to the sauce that should be completely finished simmering at this point.

Add to plate--all done!

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