How DID the turtle get its shell????

A couple of weeks back, a sweet mom named Fabiana gave me the book pictured above as well as three others as a gift.  "It's for you...and for the school."  She was right.  The books divide their time between my son's fingers at home and the kids' hands at the schoolhouse.  This one is my favorite.

It ponders the age old question, "How did the turtle get its shell?" It also explores some of the ways different cultures have attempted to answer the question throughout time.

Last week I read the book aloud to the Summer Camp crew.  (My personal favorite theory is that the Creator was eating his lunch after having given all of the animals on Earth something special and unique. He was waiting for the turtle to show up but he was too slow.  By the time the turtle made it, he was despondent to find out that he'd missed out on receiving anything special because he was too slow. "Nonsense," the Creator responded. He finished his lunch, flipped his bowl upside down, and gave him a shell to protect him and to ensure he'd never have to be fast.)
We'd been working on the letter "T" anyway, so next came the activity--

How do YOU suppose the turtle got its shell?

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