The English Schoolhouse JAMs!

Nothing says “It’s summertime!” quite like homemade jam.

During our usual Saturday trip to the Circo Massimo Farmer’s Market, we stocked up on a variety of fruits, including apricots and figs.

The day before yesterday my husband, who does 93...ok…96% of the cooking in our house, started what will now be a Pizzoli summertime tradition…he made apricot jam. Lots of it. It’s the perfect thing to do on a lazy Saturday or Sunday. I tasted it this morning and felt like a 6 year-old kid again at my grandmother Lula Mae’s kitchen table. She would make “peach preserves” every year—enough for the whole family, and the neighbors, and her girlfriends at church.

Read on for the recipe…and here’s hoping that it takes you back to a sweet time in your life.

And…in my best interpretation of my Grandma Lula Mae’s voice, which sounded like ALL Southern Black grandmothers…slow, syrupy, and sweet…

“Now Baby don’t just go readin’ this recipe without hittin’ that LIKE button.
I know ya like it.
Go on’ and hit it now. I know your momma raised you right!”



  1. Thanks for sharing your recipe! I was just thinking of making jam this past weekend. I am also from the south (Alabama), and I know the Grandma 'speak' well. Made me smile. :-)

    1. Hooray, a fellow southerner! Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment...let us know if you make some jam after all. :0)