What to Wear on a Safari...

Sometimes as a teacher it's just your job to pay attention...and recognize your students for the geniuses that they are.

So at some point during this past week (don't ask me to recall the exact day) the Summer Camp crew and I made masks--we made monkeys and lions out of flimsy white paper plates.  For one of the two animals, I just needed the inner circle of the plate, not the border.  I cut out what I needed, and tossed the rest to the side for recycling.

The youngest student in the class, a 3.5 year old, immediately picked it up and did the following:
Then she stacked on another three or four, and before I knew it, everyone else in the group had followed suit.

"Genius," I told her, "Pure genius."  And I stole the idea for this lesson later in the week.

As you many know already, The English Schoolhouse is now PROUDLY selling Barefoot Books at the school.  Some of my very favorite titles that I've loved for years are now on our shelves.  One of them is this beauty:
a gorgeous counting book based on the Maasai in Tanzania

We read the book, found Africa on the map, and talked about our wonderings and questions...
then we emulated.
Get where this is going???
Well, first things first...
you gotta get the mood right with the music.

It's Friday. Don't know what to wear to the club or on your special dinner date?  Go on, you can ask. Sure, I'll let you borrow my necklace.

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