Writer's Workshop Day 3: If you can think it...

So we started off our mini-lesson in today's Writer's Workshop with the following question...
"What's on your mind? As in what are you thinking?"
Here were some responses...
"Mami, Papi, Suli"
"I don't like to poop, I just like to pee."

I opted to go with the first one as an example.

 I explained to the kids that whatever you can think, you can say...and if you can say it, you can write it.
They came up to the board and listened to the words they wanted to write, then tried writing a few letters.
Then they wrote on their own.

about Mommy, Daddy, and Suli

about imaginary baby brothers
 and more.
I wrote as well.
We all complimented each other on our work, and moved on to the next project.

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