An Upcycled Computer

It's been raining like nobody's business today, which really sucks for our eldest kid who loves to get outside for walks in the afternoon.
Now that he no longer naps, there's a scheduled time of the day when he begins to get fidgety. It's the child witching hour--between 3 and 5 p.m.

Yesterday we cleaned and organized he and his little brother's bedroom (only because it was raining) and we agreed that this Peppa the Pig satchel needed to be recycled. 
Today, when boredom set in, Noah pretended to not have been an active participant in that decision.
"Hey!" he began, "How did my Peppa Pig box get into the recycling?"
I gave him a look.
"It can be something can be a computer!" he cried.

I looked up from folding the laundry and realized the kid was right. This thing had been mistakenly recycled.
He fished it out and we got to work.

We added a new cover

and talked about what logos are--
he added his own that you can barely see in this pic
N for Noah

used the apple logo as a reference

then we moved along to the screen

He cut out a rectangle.
"Too big," I said.

"Silly mama!" he laughed.
This is the computer screen.
Don't you see.

Yeah, that's actually much cooler.

Now the keyboard

"I need to add some things to the screen. Some important work," he said.

I asked if he wanted to add more keys to the keyboard
or even use our keyboard as a reference to copy the letters.
No such luck.
"Can you turn on a cartoon for me while I work on my computer?" he asked.
I was so excited about this impromptu writing/crafting project that I agreed.
As I type this post my kid is typing as well...on his new computer.

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