Organizing all the...Stuff

If you're a teacher and you read this blog, you can absolutely empathize with the task I had to tackle yesterday...
what the _____ to do with all the knick-knacks and what-nots I have lying around. For crafts.

I'd resolved to go to the organic store that is an exact 8-minute walk from my house and beg them for cardboard boxes for me to decoupage, when I opened our recycling/trash bin drawer and lucked up on a treasure trove...
a stack of plastic tomato containers--
there were 6 in all
My husband rolled his eyes as I headed out the door and to the schoolhouse with them in tow.
I put on Lenny Kravitz (to whom some Italians say our eldest kid bears a striking resemblance) and worked...

cut the tops off
and did end up decoupaging a box or two

and sorted my little heart out
Now all the googly eyes
rubber bands
pom poms
pipe cleaners
and other what-nots have a home.

and just when I thought I couldn't love the writing center any more...
I found this teacup
and decoupaged it on the table.

Come on.
This school is crazy good.

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