Kick back on our vintage seating and help yourself to a good book

We open for our Back to School Kickoff week Monday at 8:30. Flaviano and I spent the better part of today putting the finishing touches on my classroom. At around 7 p.m. I looked around and pronounced it, "Ready!" Still just a couple of things to do tomorrow, but it does look fantastic, if I do say so myself. Check out the centers I finished up today!
Every good science center has a thermometer...
and a decoupaged cat.

Here's the whole science/social studies center.
We've got a goldfish named Dorothy to put there as well.
I'll hang student work up where the green section is.

I placed some school-themed books in the book box next to the reading center.
The only thing (besides vacuuming) left to do tomorrow is to cover that pipe with some wood.

the reading nook--with a vintage chair from the 1950s.
I'm adding a lamp to that little make-shift table on Monday.

When the kids are sitting on vintage and the reading selections are this good...
what's not to love?

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