Painting on the Walls...Magnetically

Today I knew I wanted to make an area for our schoolhouse kids to be able to work with magnets.
Sure I coulda used a few cookie trays...
but painting on the wall is always more fun.
So I cut out a design from some decoupage paper I had lying around

grabbed my trusty Vinavil

stuck the design where I wanted

then drew the rest of the border

you can get this cool magnetic paint at the arts & crafts store.
Here in Rome it'll run you around 12 euro...
I'd be curious to know the price for the same kinda thing at Hobby Lobby.

the cool thing about this paint is that you can either leave it gray, or you can paint over it w/acrylic paint

I chose to leave it gray b/c it matched the design on the wall.
I added a thin light orange border...

and tried it out w/ the alphabet letters.

yep...worked like a charm

decided to do the safe thing and add a second coat...
no good deed goes unpunished.
Got some on the wall.

Who was the famous person who said there's no such thing as a mistake?
Well whoever it was, in this case they were right.
I took it as another opportunity to decoupage.

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