So what do ya do when the interviewee doesn't show up? DECOUPAGE!

Just like I have a hard time believing that the majority of Rome is suffering in any significant way from the financial "crisis" (I'm in Rome at the moment--ain't nobody here...AND everything's closed), I'm completely convinced that some people who are "looking for a job" simply like to say that they are doing so.  They don't really want a job. As evidenced by their inability to show up for the interview. And not call.  Yeah.  Don't bother.  I like sitting here wondering if you're gonna show up.

So that's what happened this morning, but luckily I was prepared.  There are many things I love in of them is the ability to transform the ordinary into the fabulous with one technique: decoupage. God bless the French...if they're the ones who invented it.  Here's how I spent my morning...just me and some great background music began tackling the drama center at The English Schoolhouse, where kids can be themselves and whomever else their imaginations allow.

I jammed to this and more...

and let my inner Martha Stewart run wild...
first I added a "splash guard" of sorts to the school's kitchen center

grabbed an old wine box

and some Vinavil--which I suppose is the Italian version of Elmer's glue
to use it for decoupage, you need 3 parts Vinavil/1 part water

painted the box w/ acrylic paint

got some decoupage paper with fruits and veggies on it

cut out some of my favorites

and slapped 'em on--
you need to add a coat of the Vinavil/water mix to the back side of what you want to stick on--
and a coat on top to seal it

painted the border a shade of yellow that always makes me happy


and threw in some food related books
To the interviewee that didn't show up this morning...two things:
1. I have better things to do with my time than to wait around for you.
2. Those things include DECOUPAGE.

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