M.I.A. in the Art Center

The burning question for today is--
is there a such thing as too much decoupage???
Methinks not.

After being professional stood up yesterday, I can happily report that I am over it and in full artsy fartsy mode.
Today's objective was to jazz up the art center...
which requires the right kinda background music--
Let's work.
We live in Italy, so our family goes through these illy canisters like once a week.
Why recycle when you can upcycle?

decoupage paper

the Vinavil/water mix -- remember? Three parts Vinavil/one part water

use it as an adhesive

stick whatever you want inside--I chose markers for the art center

and since you've already got your decoupage glue of sorts mixed up, ya might as well keep goin'.
Why not add a parrot to the shelf where the art books go?

and the illy lid can be used for

the kids could totally use it for making cakes or cookies w/ Play Doh

I still felt like something was missing...ah yes.

a lovely illusion

but what to do with all of this decoupage paper that I love???
These are vintage stamps, after all!

that IKEA shelf is all but screaming for help.
better. much better.
Didn't finish...had to break for lunch. 
If you try to call me today and I don't answer, it's 'cause my phone's off.
I'm completely M.I.A.--in the art center.

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