The Word Wall and the Writing Center are WHAT'S UP!

So we're now on a 7 day countdown to our Back To School Kickoff Week, and I'm spending these last few days putting the finishing touches on the schoolhouse's centers.

Today's agenda: The Word Wall and the Writing Center.

I'm of the opinion that background music is needed for just about every task in life...even if played ever so softly. It's been raining off and on here in Rome today--which put me in a "I'm a little bit country, little bit rock n' roll" kinda mood. I jammed to this and more:

You can take the girl outta Texas but you can't take the Texas outta the girl.
Let's work.
The English Schoolhouse proudly sells Barefoot Books!
They come in these adorable boxes when shipped to us.
Would be a pity to just recycle them.

So I sliced off the top and made a paper tray that's got a cool circus-y feel to it.


And added a few details to the wall behind...
I love the "What Do Writer's Write" printout.
You can find it on this blog.

and my new favorite ABC chart of ALL TIME
The Muppets, y'all!
Confession: As a child I wanted to be Ms. Piggy.
Found it here.

and this just had to be framed.
Unfortunately can't link to it because I don't remember where I first saw it. :0(

and stuck this on the wall, just for kicks...
and as a reminder! :0)

Now we're cookin' with grease.
I was tempted to sit down and write something!

The other part of the Barefoot box

holds ALL of our Science books just wonderfully!

Hey! That's a Barefoot Book right there!
And a CD to go with it!

Stop by The English Schoolhouse and this adorable read could be yours!

Can you spot the Science books in the Teacher Resource room? :0)
Yeah, kinda pops out at ya.

On to the word wall...

Y is for Yak

and X for X-ray
This deserves its own post.
See you tomorrow or the next day...hopefully no later than that!

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