Schoolhouse Recipes: F is for Frittata

Cook like an Italian, speak like an American--
Today's lesson: F is for Frittata
I normally like my food & beverages hot. Piping hot. I'm the girl who doesn't go for a cold cappuccino just 'cause it's 102 degrees outside. I'd rather sweat and be slightly uncomfortable than drink an iced coffee.  But this dish right here...the just as yummy the day after it's been in the fridge overnight as it is when it's fresh off the pan. No need to reheat! Just grab it with your fingers and throw it in the hatch.

Grab 3 eggs and mix together--season with your favorite herbs--
thyme, oregano, onion herb, etc.

chop up some radicchio

add in some ham
or skip that if you do the vegetarian thing
let brown with onions

Warm your pan/griddle on high heat

allow radicchio/ham mix to simmer
spread it out on the pan evenly

then pour egg mixture on top of pan

and let cook on medium heat

the edges will begin to puff up
and about that time you should grab a plate, put it on top of the frittata,
and flip it over so the other side can cook

when the other side has browned, the frittata's ready!

I couldn't take the picture quickly enough...
by the time I grabbed my camera, someone had already helped themselves to a slice.
Can't say that I blame them.

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