When Marzia Stewart Comes to Town

I'm American, my husband Flaviano is Italian.  I remember moving to America shortly after we'd gotten married and Flaviano had to disclose his race on one of those census forms.  He marked the "other" box and wrote in "Italian."  To be exact, he's Roman...as is the rest of his family, except for his grandma. But that's not the point.

The point is, I love my big fat Italian family. Especially my mother-in-law. While all of my friends fantasize about offing their overbearing Italian mother-in-laws in their sleep, I get into arguments with mine about not seeing her enough. She is "la suocerella." 1/2 mother-in-law and 1/2 sister.

Today she came to help out at the schoolhouse...and to leave her Nonna mark.

This is what she did this morning.

And that was in, like, an hour.
See why I call her Marzia Stewart?


  1. you're very lucky...marzia stewart is very, very talented...probably a bit like her daughter-in-law. she's also NOT got the typical italian mother-in-law 'image'...as we see in the pix! what a great team!!!

    1. Awwwww, thank you Susie! I think so, too. And I'm very grateful to have lucked up on her...well first her son, and then her. :0)