A couple of years back I had a good run of vegetarianism.
I'm talking months.
5 to be exact. Hard core. Vegetarian.
Don't scoff--I'm a Texan. I was raised on pancakes and bacon...and Cream of Wheat. I'm still proud of my vegetarian stint.

Here's how it happened. Flaviano and I were living in the states at the time and were becoming increasingly aware of the crap that is put into the food there...especially mass-produced food. Our internet searches led us to a place where anyone who has a heart but likes a good burger should not go--PETA's website.

A couple of videos later we were swearing off meat for life. My husband started earlier than I did, and lasted longer than I did. But eventually we both found our way back to Italy...and sausage.

I do know that I felt different when I wasn't consuming meat.  I felt lighter, friendlier, happier...more kind. I still flirt with the idea of trying the vegetarian lifestyle again. Right now it's just that--flirting. I'll let you know if anything changes.

Anyhow, one of our eldest son's favorite books at the moment is about a vegetarian dragon.  Here it is:
It's available for purchase at The English Schoolhouse.
It's a tale about a dragon who's just not like all the other carnivorous fire-breathers. He gardens, and he doesn't eat meat. I love the message of the story. It's one about the importance of respecting personal choices as well as the obvious dietary message. Every time I finish reading the story aloud to my son, there is admittedly a tiny voice that urges me to try giving up meat again.

For the time being, I opted to approach the company Rosmarino in Umbria about making some artisan earrings based on the beautiful choice of vegetarianism. They arrived today. Here's what they came up with:
hot peppers and squash

my favorite--pizza!

leeks and pumpkin



hot peppers

These lovely earrings are for sale at The English Schoolhouse for the price of 10 euro per pair. A portion (our portion) of the proceeds goes directly back into the schoolhouse. We will purchase additional books and other learning materials for our fantastic students of all ages.

If you see something you like, email us to place an order! [email protected]

We'd also like to hear from you! Which pair of earrings is your favorite? Have you ever tried vegetarianism? Let us know!

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