I know, I know...I'm really behind on my blog posting! But I had such a great week last week! First book club, old friends visiting from out of town...we did do great work last week at the schoolhouse, I just didn't get a chance to post! So this week will be catch up plus new stuff.

We're in the middle of our autumn theme right now, and we're also learning all about trees and apples.
Earlier in the week I'd run across a cool activity on can find the original post here:

And here's how we extended it--
We read a book about what leaves are and what they do

and made our own 

I showed the kids how to make stars on the blackboard

and thought it'd be cool to add a play dough moon

some did, some didn't

then I grabbed my favorite die-love it 'cause it looks kinda old school and vintage
and made up a game called "Apple Roll" on the spot.

Great for number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, listening skills and lots more!
How could you use Apple Roll?
Let us know!

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