The Making of a Fairy

Last week I had a private lesson with the incredibly adorable Sofia. She's been a student of mine for just over a year, and she loves coming to the schoolhouse.

We started out by going through our routine...first doodling, some stuff she's into (like play dough) then songs, then a book.

We played bakery with the play dough--

and made some delicacies that would rival those you can find at my favorite bake shop in Rome, Made Bakery

When I asked her to choose a song, she picked "Little Bunny Foo Foo", one of her favorites.

Though she's well aware of what a fairy is in Italian (una fata), I wanted to make sure the word stuck in English.
"Ah! I know!" I shrieked! "We should turn you into a fairy!"
She nodded eagerly.
And then we did.

I grabbed the pipe cleaners

the stapler

and a boxful of knick-knacks and what-nots
 The stapler wasn't cuttin' it...

so I pulled out the big gun
wand and crown

the magic part of the wand bears an uncanny resemblance to Sofia

wrote down all the new vocab for her to take home
Wonder what she did with all that magic once she got there.

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