Open House Jams

Today is Open House at The English Schoolhouse and I couldn't be more excited!
While this kind of event is a staple in American education, you'd be hard pressed to find other schools who do it the way we do it in Rome.
I taught Kindergarten, first, and second grades for many years in a few different public schools in Dallas, Texas, and I remember very well the feeling associated with it each year. Two words: warm fuzzies.
I view Open House as a great opportunity for parents, their kids, and the teacher to really get to know each other a bit early on. Open House should (and for us, does) feel natural, familiar, warm, welcoming, and informative.
I really don't have any specific agenda today besides hanging out, answering questions, and getting to know the people who are interested in our school in any capacity better.
It is my opinion that two things make ANY social gathering better: snacks and good music.

Flavi's at the store getting the snacks.
Mama needs a playlist--
Here's some of what I've got so far:

What's that you say? You wanna come too?!
Well OF COURSE you're invited!
Largo Luigi Antonelli 2
Rome, Italy
6th floor
follow the good music and laughter

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